The walls in your home should be thought of as a blank canvas which allow you to express your personality through art, curating collections that bring joy each time you walk past them. Being that the living room is one of the most forward facing areas in your house, how you choose to embellish your wall space sets an important tone. The options are endless when it comes to living room wall décor ideas but we have listed some of our favorite options below.

Large-Scale Paintings

Large wall décor ideas for living rooms make for the perfect statement pieces. Go bold with large-scale paintings for they are not only great conversation starters but they effortlessly provide a pop of personality that every room needs. It’s also an easy and clean way to cover a large open space on a wall without any furniture or above a large sofa.

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Leaning Art

If you are looking for a new way to display your art pieces, leaning them against the wall or mantle is the way to go. This adds texture to your overall look while also giving the space a unique flair. Layer multiple pieces with a slight overlap to get a real collectors feel.

Gallery Walls

For a more cohesive look, create a gallery wall with images from the same artist. Or, if you prefer a mix, gather pieces with similar color schemes or subject matters in order to keep up the organized design. Framing all the pieces in the same frame style and finish is another easy way to assure a cohesive look.


Choose wallpaper with a bold print or bright colors to give the room an eccentric vibe. It creates a beautiful backdrop for the art that is layered upon it too.


If you are aiming for a more classic vibe, utilize black and white photography. Photographs create a nostalgic atmosphere that every guest can appreciate. Opt for a white or black simple gallery frame to further showcase the fine art look.

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Bookcases are a creative way to decorate a room. With shelves being filled with antiques, books, art, and treasured objects, this design curates both a textured and unique end result that is always ongoing #shelfie!


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