The start to our impromptu master bedroom makeover!

Hello there! Sometimes I plan rooms well in advance, and sometimes they come together much faster. This room redo is the latter — I wasn’t planning on tackling all of this just yet, but it’s falling into place so beautifully! 
We had hoped to put hardwoods in our master (it’s on my list of projects I wanted to finish by November — I got half of them done!), but we weren’t sure it would work out with our contractors and the budget at the same time. 
The contractor guys called a couple weeks ago saying they had some free days to work on it, so we decided to go ahead since the budget matched up with their work schedule. It took them a few days and they finished yesterday. It looks SO GOOD! 
I always get asked why we didn’t have the builder do the floors (we waited on the floors in my office too). There are two reasons — during the building process you tend to add a lot to the bottom line. As time goes on (both times we’ve built), I start to hyperventilate a bit seeing the dollar amount inch up. 
So some things aren’t done, and the floors in those rooms were two of them. Also, we liked the carpet at first and thought we may keep them. 
I forgot we have animals. 😉 And the slight pattern in our carpet was really showing wear in the high traffic areas. It still looks good in bigger spaces like our upstairs and basement though.
SO anywhoo…the floors spurred me on and I decided to tackle a project in here I’d been thinking about for awhile. I’ll show you some peeks at that in a bit! First, here’s a look at the master with the carpet: 
wood beams tray ceiling bedroom

master bedroom dark gray tray ceiling
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I installed the quarter round today and we got the furniture back in: 
replacing carpet with hardwoods bedroom
Every time we add hardwoods to a room, it looks bigger. Always! You’d think a darker floor would make it feel smaller, but not so! It flows so much nicer with the rest of the house:
medium brown hardwoods in bedroom
Our floors are engineered hardwoods by Diamond Living, but they have been discontinued. Thankfully we were able to find just enough for the office and our bedroom! (We have almost one box left, that’s it!) I was so nervous we wouldn’t have enough. 
Since they had the bed pulled out, I was able to add the detail to the bed wall that I’ve been thinking about for a long time now: 
gray grasscloth wallpaper in bedroom
See the nightstand makeovers here!
It’s peel and stick wallpaper (again! I love it!). I’ve used similar stuff in our powder room and my office and I’m always so pleased with it! 
This is a faux grasscloth in a light gray and you can find it here. (It’s half off online!!) It went up beautifully and I am LOVING it!
I made a series of videos on Instagram stories and put them into video format so I could share it here too. Check this short video out for a close up and more details about this wallpaper! 

This is the batch (or lot) number I was talking about in the video:

tips for using peel and stick wallpaper
And here’s a closer look at the wallpaper: 
peel and stick grasscloth wallpaper

As I mentioned, I plan to take it around the room. The trim underneath will be painted. Can’t wait to get this finished up and show you the whole space! 🙂 I’m really excited about the changes in here!

Do you plan out changes in your spaces or do you just go for it on a whim? I find I’m a little more motivated when I do it on a whim, usually because I’m so happy with how the room is turning out. 🙂

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